Our collection

The collection autumn / winter is of excellent yarn and quality. When choosing the yarn we look after the staple length, the pilling- and color-fastness. Additionally the yarns shall be soft to skin and easy to clean (machine wash).

We guarantee with our 50% wool-blended-yarns (consisting of 50% merino-extra-fine + 50% micro) a minimum of pilling or in other words a minimum of "woolen-touch-feeling". Our 100% fine-cashmere-yarn is of a guarenteed staple length of 38 mm (combed) and we look for the Ecotex-Standard 100 ® when selecting the yarns.

Quality knows no compromise!

We work nearly a 100 % fully fashioned knitted garments. You get superior garments with the correct fitting! The love for details is a serious concern for us!

Also our spring / summer collections offer yarns with high standards: let those be made up of linen-blends with almost no wrinkling or combed cotton or cotton blends. Our requirements for the materials are high and when selecting the yarn we are guided by the idea of quality.

Our specialities?
Knit with colour-coordinated woven fabrics. Super knit and casual – for daily use and very wearable! This special knitted garment is not yet "in your closet" but is still desirable!

Building trust takes a long time!
We do everything to get yours!